Help using Simtoto

Here is a list of useful articles that describe how Simtoto works and how to use the contents found on the site and in the PDF program.

Also, you may check out our FAQ section for answers to commonly asked questions.

Useful Articles

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I have just registered myself as a user, but why do I not receive an email with the password?

Please check the spam filter of your email system. If you can't locate the email from us there, then please contact Simtoto through our Contact Us page.

What do the rating numbers mean?

A score of 100 is assigned to the Simtoto favorite horse and driver to win the race. Other instances with a score close to 100 will also have a great chance of winning the race, while our simulations show that the chance of winning the race is reduced the further the score is from 100. The PDF-programmet contains even more detailed rating numbers. Read more about this in the article Slik leser du PDF-programmet (Unfortunately, currently available in Norwegian only).

Can I use the same username and password on the various Simtoto countries and iPhone apps?

Yes, but even if you use the "remember me" functionality, the first time you switch to a new country or install a new app you will have to log in by entering your username and password.