About Simtoto

The Simtoto project has been running since 1999. The core of the system is a simulation engine based on statistics and rules for harness racing.

On the 3rd of June 2005 Simtoto on the average achieved better results than the winner odds for harness races in Norway.

The web site was launched on the 13th of May 2006 in order to present the results to the public and to develop the concepts further.

With the web site Simtoto was launched on the 1th of January 2010 also in Sweden. October 7th 2012 was launched in Denmark.

With the help of a large number of simulation and rating observers, the hope is to identify errors and new opportunities that in sum will improve the system. Therefore, we are happy for any feedback and comments.


Simtoto is using data form various third party sources to produce contents. None of such third parties have any ownership interests in Simtoto.

Basis Data from Third Party Sources

Basis Data refers to information about horses, persons (e.g. breeder, owner, trainer, jockey and driver), harness racing companies and gallop companies, events (e.g. race days, startlists, withdrawings and results), rules, agreements and other conditions for race days and race betting games (e.g. game types, prizes, odds, turnover and payouts). This information is used by Simtoto in agreement with the relevant Third Party. All rights to the material (copyright or database rights) belongs to the Third Party.

Data from Simtoto

Data from Simtoto refers to all types of data and products that are written, generated or produced by Simtoto based on own knowledge, own data or data collected from third party sources. Examples of such Data from Simtoto are Simtoto-produced news, articles, rankings, ratings, tips, programs, analyses, statistical compositions and graphical presentations of status, relationships or correlations. All rights to the material (copyright or database rights) belongs to Simtoto.

Any reproduction or copying of the complete or parts of the Simtoto contents, or to make the contents available for a public audience is prohibited without written permission from Simtoto. It is permitted to establish a link from another web page to the front page of Simtoto given that clicking on the established link will open up a new window or use the full page in the web browser to show the full Simtoto web site.