V5-code cracked at Sørlandet 10.02!

On Sørlandet 10.02 everything went according to the Simtoto gameplan. Our slip suggestion for 360 kroner in the V5 game hit 5 marks and banked a 1.203 kroner in net earnings!

The only banker on our slip, KRINGELAND ENOK, won comfortably, and Simtoto fixed profit for everyone who followed our advice for the races at Sørlandet. Simtoto's first pick KRINGELAND ENOK was the only favourite who managed to win this time. That fact contributed nicely to the size of our winnings.

Our slip suggestion became all the more profitable when GEIR MIKKELSEN steered SPEED AND POWER (SE) to first place in V5-5. SPEED AND POWER (SE) was rated 5 in the V5 gametype with 8% of the marks, but Simtoto ranked the horse as a second choice and comfortably marked it on the slip.

Everyone at Simtoto will do our best to continue to provide you with the best slip suggestions!

Perfect predictions in V65 at Sørlandet 10.02!

6 marks, and a 1.042 kroner in net earnings, sums up Simtoto's 720-kroner slip suggestion for the V65 at Sørlandet 10.02.

The only banker on our slip, TRACY KRONOS (IT), won comfortably, and Simtoto generated profit for everyone who followed our advice for the races at Sørlandet. That was also the case for second rated KOMNES ANNA, EIKFAKSEN and SOMEWIFESOMEWHERE (SE).

To sum up, Simtoto's ratings were in accordance with how the other players ranked the races. With no real surprises at Sørlandet, the V65 prize never reached a high. But a profit is still a profit!

Simtoto hopes all of our users are happy with our slip suggestions, and we look forward to lead the way in the next races!

Exceptional winnings in V76 at Bjerke!

Simtoto recorded all seven winners in V76 Bjerke on November 5th, and could collect 184,071 kroner in net profit!

Bankers 4 I'm The Answer and second choice 2 Haugestad Storm both met our expectations in the first two races, so the table was covered for a proper festive evening at Bjerke. Simtoto's outsider suggestion 6 General Sterk proved a real coupon cleaner in V76-4, only an eighth choice by the other players! Also 1 Huldre Oskar made way as a 9th choice in V76-6.

The payment was 168,885 kroner for seven straight and 744 kroner for six. Not bad for a flat V76 coupon of 1152 kroner.

Please be advised to continue to follow our lead - we'll serve more goodies in the near future.

Simtoto Denmark now available for iPhone

If you have an iPhone you can now get access to Simtoto information about races in Denmark via our new app for your mobile phone. Search for "Simtoto Danmark" on Apple App Store and purchase the application for as little as 45 Danish kroner.

With our Simtoto Denmark app on your phone you have instant access to our tips and ratings no matter where you are.

After having installed the app for Denmark you get access to all our slip suggestions, ratings and information about all Danish races - for free - every day!

As an additional service to our users the app will also provide information information about horses withdrawn from races and results as soon as they become available in the Simtoto system.

Read more about the new "Simtoto Danmark" application in Apple App Store and look forward to many exciting news on the Simtoto app in the future.

Driver changes automatically updated

Simtoto now supports automatic detection of driver changes and will automatically regenerate ratings and slip suggestions.

By using the Simtoto web pages and apps you get access to todays and tomorrows races in Norway and Sweden. If a horse is withdrawn from a race the ratings for races taking place the same day will be regenerated and published togehter with new slipp suggestions affected by the change. Now, Simtoto has been extended to also detect and regenerate data when there is a driver change in a race.

Users of our apps Simtoto Norge and Simtoto Sverige will notice that all driver changes now appear in the Live view in the same way as witdrawings and results.

We know that this has been a long requested feature from our users and hope all our users now will enjoy that this finally is in place!

Problems logging in on Simtoto?

If you are using iPhone or Mac, then you might have to change your browser settings in order to be able to login.

Simtoto has just introduced secure login (https) to the site. This feature requires the internet browser to accept cookies from, which by default is not enabled in the Safari web browser. Change your Safari browser settings as follows:

iPhone: Choose Settings - Safari from the iPhone Home menu, and set the "Accetp Cookies" value to "Always". Alternatively, you can purchase the Simtotos Apps specially designed for iPhone in Apple App Store: Simtoto Norway and Simtoto Sweden

Mac: Within Safari, click the "Safari" menu and choose "Preferences." Click the icon labeled "Privacy. Set the option labeled "Block Cookies" to "Never." Click "OK" to save changes and close the dialog box.